September POWerful Word – COURAGE – Week 3

Today let’s talk about courage and “doing the right thing.” It can be scary and tough to do what we feel is “the right thing,” especially when our friends disagree with us. Have you ever disagreed with your friends? Some people, even when they know they aren’t doing the right thing, will go along with what their friends are doing just because it’s easy and they want their friends to like them. Does anyone know what that’s called? Peer pressure. Have you ever seen someone do the wrong thing just because their friends were doing it? What happened? It takes courage to do the right thing when other people want to do something else. What would you say or do if your friends wanted to do something you don’t think is right– like smoke, steal something, or cheat on a test? That shows courage.

If you have time: Have you ever done the right thing even when friends told you not to do it? What happened? Leaders need to use courage even when it’s tough to do!