September POWerful Word – COURAGE – Week 4

Sometimes when people are nervous, they can make some poor choices at home, school or with friends. What do you think I mean by that (i.e. rush through, rude behavior, run away from challenge, cheat, steal, lie)? In order to make the best choices, we need to calm ourselves down and clear our heads. What are some ways to calm ourselves down (i.e. talk to a friend, exercise, deep breath)? Let’s talk about some of these ways. (1) Taking 3 deep breaths: When we take deep breaths, it relaxes the body and gives us time to think. Let’s take 3 deep breaths now. (2) Talking to a trusted adult: Who helps you to calm down and refocus? How can talking to a trusted adult calm you down and help you use courage? How else can we calm ourselves down so we can make good choices (i.e. exercise)? Good!

If you have time: We can also use “visioning” to think of positive outcomes! Ask the class to close their eyes & use visioning to think through a task that takes courage!