September POWerful Word – POSITIVE ATTITUDE – Week 1

When we choose to have a positive attitude, we choose to think positive thoughts, feel positive feelings and say positive words even when we are facing challenges. We are choosing to be “good finders.” What are we choosing to be? Good-finders! Someone who is a good finder and who has a positive attitude might have trouble mastering a skill in our class but instead of saying; “I stink at this and I’ll never get it right” s/he might say; “I’m getting better each day” or “I’ll just keep trying.” What do you think a person with a positive attitude might think to him or herself while working on a tough skill (i.e. I can do it!)? How might someone like that feel inside when working on a tough skill (i.e. hopeful, good about sticking with it even though it is frustrating at times)? How might someone with a positive attitude act when learning a new skill (i.e. doesn’t give up, talks it out when feeling frustrated and then tries again)? Positive attitude makes a big difference! How have YOU used positive attitude even when facing a difficult challenge or trying something new?

If you have time: What kind of attitude did you have today (1) At home (2) At school (3) In class?