September POWerful Word – POSITIVE ATTITUDE – Week 2

Did you know that the thoughts that we think in our heads and the feelings that we feel in our bodies help to determine our attitudes? What you SAY to yourself becomes like a script- repeating itself again and again in your brain! Today let’s talk about how our thoughts determine our attitudes. (1) You said something to your sibling/ friend that you didn’t mean to say. You were angry! You can choose to stay angry or, you can change your attitude. If you have a positive attitude, you might think _____ (i.e. I’ll apologize and make it right). If you have a negative attitude, you might think ______(i.e. I don’t like them anyway)? (2) Your friend is learning how to ride a bike and keeps falling. It’s okay to get frustrated. You can keep a positive attitude even when doing something challenging. Someone with a positive attitude might think ____ (i.e. I can do this! Keep trying!). Someone with a negative attitude might think ____ (i.e. I’ll never get this!). You can THINK your way to a positive or negative attitude! Think of something challenging you’ve tried- What can YOU think to yourself to show positive attitude?

If you have time: How do you show that you have a positive attitude at (1) School (2) In class (3) Home?