September POWerful Word – POSITIVE ATTITUDE – Week 4

Can we change our attitude if it’s bad or negative? Yes! How can we change our attitude? We can CHANGE our attitude by CHOOSING our attitude. So, let’s talk about thoughts. When we think to ourselves, “I hate this,” “this stinks” and “I’m not good at this” it fuels a bad or negative attitude. What positive phrases can replace these negative thoughts (i.e. I can do this; It will get better)? What happens to our attitude when we make this switch? We can choose to change our attitude! (Let’s repeat that!) Everyone feels sad, angry, scared or hurt sometimes. That’s normal. Sometimes we just have to feel our feelings- often, we can improve how we feel in different ways. How can we improve our feelings when we are feeling sad, angry or frustrated (i.e. get help, talk it out, spend time with those you love)? Again, this is not easy to do. Have you been able to change your negative attitude to a positive one– what works for you? We can choose to change our attitude!

If you have time: What can we DO to change our attitude? How can showing gratitude help? How can helping others help? How can exercising help?