September POWerful Words – LEADERSHIP – Week 3

Say, all leaders need to have goals! What is a goal (i.e. something you want to learn or achieve)? What is one of the goals that you have worked on that you have achieved in the past (i.e. rank/ level, grade, team, competition)? As leaders, we also must set goals as a group– the goal can’t just be about you– it has to be about the group you are leading… why? What might be a “group goal” for 1) Our class (2) A sports or competitive team (3) An orchestra? What is OUR collective goal here in class? Why is it so important for leaders to help those they sre leading, to
set group goals? What happens if we don’t have goals? (We wouldn’t know where we are heading, what we are working towards and how we can get there!) How can we help our group or team get excited about achieving the goal (i.e. praise, vision, highlight talents of groups). What is a “talent” of someone in this group? Good job!

If you have time: What happens when the leader has a bad attitude about the goal or the ability to achieve it?