Testing FAQ

What is Tip Testing?

Our curriculum runs on a quarter system and we conduct tip testing at the end of every month. TIP stands for “To Insure Progress” and represents a short term goal. At the end of month 1 and 2 students can earn a black tip. At the end of month 3 students who have earned their black tips can earn a red tip, which means they have earned a new belt!

    1. Testing takes place at the end of every month in onsite classes.
    2. White belts only need 1 black tip to be eligible to earn a red tip and earn a new belt. White belts who don’t have any tips during month 3 (a belt testing month) will have a chance to earn their first black tip.
    3. All belts from Advanced White through Advanced Green need to earn BOTH black tips to be eligible for a new belt in month 3. White belt is the only rank that only requires one black tip to earn a new belt. Brown Belts and up follow a slightly different testing process on the way to Black Belt and Beyond.
    4. When a student earns a new tip, their instructor will award the tip by placing a piece of electrical tape (their tip) around the end of their belt to show their progress.

Please email us if you have any additional questions!