AMA Karate Camp Descriptions

Our goal for each camp is to provide a fun, safe, constructive, and positive environment in which children can learn and practice martial arts basics, drills, skills and forms tailored to, and complemented, by that week’s theme.

All camps are ages 6.5-11 and 9am-3pm unless otherwise noted. If you have other questions feel free to contact us.


Our Karate Fun Camp includes some of the most exciting things we do at AMA including Lego design build challenges, Board Breaking, Jedi hide and seek, Ninja bowling, Nerf Wars, Games, Obstacle courses, Laser Tag, Water battles, Excursions to the park, Martial Arts and much more!”


An All-Female, Black Belt instructor team, will be teaching this Girls Only camp! Campers will be focusing on building their strength and camaraderie as they learn a Wushu “Iron” Fan form, kicks, gymnastics and more.


Our Harry Potter Camp is back due to popular demand! Join your fellow Potterheads for a Hogwarts style week of fun and magic. On day 1 campers are sorted into houses and earn house points throughout the week. On day 5 we play an epic game of Muggle-Quidditch. In between are all kinds of adventures including Defense against the Dark Arts classes, Wizarding Duels (no unforgivable curses allowed), and more!

—–PREVIOUS CAMPS, Not offered this year:


We are keeping all of the things that have made our Star Warriors Camp #1 and adding new elements to turn your Karate Kid (or complete novice) into a Star Warrior! Sword/Lightsaber Training, Obstacle Courses & Acrobatics, Outdoor Training & Adventures, Dagobah Hike, Creative Skits Contest, Jedi Hide and Seek (“These are not the droids you are looking for.”), Noodle Sparring, Galactic Water Ballon & Blaster Battle, Martial Arts & More!!!


Join us as we spend a week exploring the martial arts and playing with Legos! Fans of Ninjago will LOVE this camp!! Campers will learn Ninja Acrobatics, the Ninjato (Ninja Sword), Shuriken (Throwing Stars). We will also explore the history of Legos, from their origin in the 1960s to present day. Bring your bricks, your creativity and your design-build skills to complete our daily Lego challenges.


(Ages 10-14) Our Hyper Skate Camp is specifically for older campers who are looking for more of a challenge! Hyper = High Performance — it is the most difficult variation of a trick on the competitive martial arts circuit and represents pushing yourself to improve and reach new goals. Skateboard/Longboard Skill Development & Skate Adventures, Parkour, Acrobatic Kicks & Tricks, Extreme Martial Arts & More!!!


This camp is designed as an intensive, bootcamp-style, week to fully immerse our AMA Junior BBT Students (Advanced White-Advanced Green) in our summer curriculum. It can be used by students who are taking the summer off to make up all of their missed classes and prepare for a summer belt exam. Or, it can be used by students who have been attending classes all summer long and want to improve and learn new, bonus skills like Nunchux and Eskrima. After 30 hours of intense training, students will be well prepared for their Summer Belt Exam. This camp is open to current and alumni AMA BBT students only. BBT Equipment Package is required.

AMA BLACK BELT CAMP (*Black Belts Only)

Mr. Herrman will be teaching this Black Belt Only camp along with other AMA instructors. We will be focusing on Junior Black Belt curriculum and bonus techniques (including weapons defense) from our primary system of Kenpo. We will also work on our Eskrima, Muay Thai and Competition Forms and Sparring skills throughout the week. This camp is open to current and alumni AMA Black Belts only.