Monday Miyagi 011110

In honor of my next trip to ProMac at the end of this week I am sharing a recent post from Mr. Kovar for our Monday Miyagi. Enjoy!

You Can Judge a Person’s Character by the Way They Treat the People Least Important to Them

To my knowledge, Chuck Norris’ last theatrical release was back in the early 90’s. The movie was called “Sidekicks”. I know this because we had the distinct privilege of hosting him on his cross country promotional tour. I believe he visited 22 cities in 23 days and we were his last stop.

Our job was to escort him around town from theater to theater in the capacity of crowd control and security. Before the tour began, he had agreed to come by the school to meet students and take a few pictures. Over 500 people showed up, and because we were pressed for time, we had to push the line through quickly so we could make it to the first theater on time. My wife wanted to meet him so she popped in line along with everyone else. When her turn came, she greeted him, told him her name, mentioned that she was my wife, said how honored we were to have him visit and then moved on down the line. When it was time to leave the school, we packed into two vehicles, my brother Tim and 4 of our Black Belts in the lead vehicle and Mr Norris, myself and his entourage in the limo to follow. I have to tell you, I was pretty stoked. I was going to be spending the next 5 hours riding around in a limo with Chuck Norris. Before we left the parking lot, Mr Norris looked across at me and said, “Is your wife Angelina going to be able to join us in the limo? We would love to have her.” I was jaw dropped. He just met 500 people in about a half an hour, my wife being one of them, and he remembered her name.

Over the next few hours, I looked on as Chuck Norris probably signed the better part of 1000 autographs at several different locations. What was amazing to me was that with every person he met, he went out of his way to connect with them and make them feel special. In the limo ride between stops, he could not have been more pleasant. Never once the entire evening did I see him show the least bit of irritation with the crowds, the silly questions or the hurried pace, and keep in mind, he’d been at it for nearly a month straight.

Chuck Norris made a major impression on me that day. One I will not forget. It didn’t matter whom he met, how old they were, or what they looked like. He treated everyone with sincere respect. He was a class act all the way and a great example of how one should treat others. In my opinion, he deserves all the success life has given him.