Monday Miyagi 081709

For this week’s Monday Miyagi I thought I would share an excerpt from a 2003 article written by Mr. Angell’s teacher, Ron “Doc” Chapél. If you liked Mr. Angell’s workshop this article will provide additional insight into the Sub Level Four Kenpo Concepts he shared with the Adults Kenpo workshop. Enjoy!

This unique methodology effectively manipulates his body for each additional action until he is essentially incapacitated by a bodily dysfunction called Physical/Mental Disassociation, or actual and complete unconsciousness. At the very least your adversary is severely momentarily physically restricted. During this striking process, minor or major manipulations are employed to assist in placing the opponent into a negative posture to facilitate the desired nerve cavities being “open” and accessible. Once that occurs, particular natural weapons are then executed in a specific method, manner, angle, and known sequence in conjunction with the created negative posture. This process is initiated by your opponent’s own aggressive actions and posture. When you are capable of understanding as well as reading Martial Posture, you know what nerves are most easily accessed based on his actions.

Although it would seem to be a complicated process, with proper basic training it really is not. Freshman students routinely do it quite effectively. The method is all in the design of the Default Techniques and the level of knowledge in their execution. If you learn the technique properly, it functions on its own. Like with an automobile, when you turn the ignition key, a series of very complex things take place in successive order. You don’t really have to know how or why these things happen to be a driver, you just have to know how to turn the key.

Click the following link to read the entire article:
Excerpts from the Diary of a “Mad” Kenpo Scientist