Monday Miyagi 122109 – AMA Fitness Challenge – Day 1 of 12

This week’s Monday Miyagi is a challenge: Day 1 of the AMA 12 Day Fitness Challenge. I would like to challenge all students (parents & siblings are encouraged to join as well) to complete 1 exercise every day while we are closed for winter break (12/21/09-1/1/10). You can take off 2 days (ex: Sundays, or Holidays).

There are 3 levels:
Level 1 (Dragon Challenge) = Do just the exercise for the day
Level 2 (Basic Challenge) = Start with the exercise for the day and work your way back to Day 1, completing every exercise for every day in-between
Level 3 (Black Belt Challenge) = Complete the fitness exercise for Day 1, then complete the fitness exercise for Day 2 & Day 1, then complete Days 3, 2, & 1… all the way up to the current days workout and back to Day 1. See the lyrics for the “12 days of Christmas” for more details 🙂

AMA Fitness Challenge Day 1/12:
100 Punches (alternate hands Jab-Cross from Guard Stance)
Bonus points if you time yourself and post your time with your first name and last initial to the comments 🙂 Have Fun!