Alpha Martial Arts Ravenna-Bryant will begin offering limited onsite classes beginning 09/28/20.



Reopening Guidelines

Dear Alpha Martial Arts Students and Families! The time is finally here. We are resuming, small, socially distanced, in-person, group classes beginning September 28th! Thank you kindly for your continued patience and support. It means the world to our team! In anticipation of this day we installed ionizing devices in our HVAC system in July primarily because they provide a 99.4% reduction rate on a SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) surface strain within 30 minutes. The technology is called Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization (NPBI) and there are other benefits as well, including, better air quality indoors.

We understand that everyone’s circumstances and comfort levels vary. We will continue to run zoom classes long-term and there is no obligation to return to onsite classes. If you are interested in returning to the dojo please review the following guidelines (however, understand circumstances are subject to change based on local/national regulations):

  • Classes will be limited to 8 students maximum and reservations are required. Reserve your onsite class day/time here or download our Spark Member app (Apple or Android platforms).
  • Each student will have their own 9 foot by 9 foot square and their own wavemaster or heavy bag to use during class.
  • No spectators will be allowed. Parents/guardians are asked to wait outside or in their vehicle.
  • All students and parents must sign a COVID Release Waiver before participating in onsite classes. Downloadable Covid-Waiver-AMA-August-2020 (pdf).
  • Cloth masks are required at all times (entry, exit and must be worn during class).
  • Students should line up 6 feet apart on the sidewalk no more than 5 minutes before their class start time.
  • A Staff Member will indicate when it’s safe to enter and students will enter 1 at at time.
  • Upon arrival, all members will be temperature checked before entry indoors.
  • Hands must be sanitized upon entry.
  • Arrive and leave in your uniform; footwear will be placed in designated spots at the edge of the mat. Please choose footwear that is easy on / easy off.
  • All onsite Karate classes will be 30 minutes with a slowly building schedule.
  • Mats, wavemasters, heavy bags and common areas will be disinfected with a CDC approved disinfectant prior to and between all classes.
  • Restrooms are for emergency use only.
  • After class, children will be escorted/assisted directly back to parents on the sidewalk.
  • If you FEEL SICK in any way, STAY HOME (and participate virtually).


Thank you to all of our current, new and alumni students & families for your continued support during this challenge. We appreciate you!

With Gratitude,
Mr. Herrman & The AMA Team