Onsite Personal Training at AMA/JAB (Fintess, Nutrition & More)

Why Personal Training? 

Personal training sessions are one-on-one and focus on what YOU want out of a session with your coach.  So, specifically catered to each client.  It could be different each session, it could be the same. We coach a variety of workout types, including and not limited to:

• Strength and Conditioning
• High Intensity Interval Training
• Tabata
• Customized Nutrition
• Maybe even a kickboxing session here and there.
• Heck, if you want to do mobility for 45 min we can do that!

Coach Sarah and Coach Carissa will each be offering 45 minute sessions for $60 per session. We are offering a 50{1d96d231ab15286cc2909578709a2dba1f05c1bc2821770822e5433a4504f686} discount on the FIRST session and everyone will have the option to purchase a 5 session pack for $225.

Schedule is as follows:
Coach Sarah: Mon/Wed/Fri 7:30am and 8:30am
Coach Carissa: Tue/Thurs 10:30am, 11:30am and 12:30pm

A little about the coaches:

Coach Sarah is an ACE Certified Personal Trainer and AMA Kickboxing Instructor who is passionate about empowering people to lead happier, healthier lives through functional exercise. She enjoys working with each client to design and coach an effective exercise program that addresses their unique goals and lifestyles. Sarah has a diverse coaching background and is especially interested in helping individuals of all ages improve muscular strength, addressing muscular imbalances, and enhancing sport specific performance. This past year, Sarah has pursued her goal of helping people live healthier by completing prerequisite courses to apply for Doctor of Physical Therapy Programs and working as an Exercise Technician at a physical therapy clinic.

Coach Carissa has been an instructor at Alpha Martial Arts for the past 7 years.  Prior to becoming an instructor at AMA she was a student in kickboxing, Muay Thai and Crossfit.  As a strength and conditioning coach at Jab (for adults and teens) she is dedicated to motivating and inspiring her clients to meet their goals safely and effectively. She teaches kickboxing, is a CF certified L1,  and a CF certified kettlebell instructor.  She manages both Jab and Kickboxing at AMA.  She loves food and loves talking about food- has a huge interest in nutrition and can help guide you through Whole 30, counting macros, keto, etc.

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