October POWerful Words – FOCUS – Week 4

Focusing is very important to the goals we set for ourselves and for our teams. What do you think I mean by that– what is a goal and why would focus be important to our goals (i.e. A goal is something you set for yourself that you really want to achieve or be able to do, focus keeps you on track to achieve those goals)? What goal are you working on right now? Remember we’ve talked about all kinds of “focusing skills” from prioritizing to buckling down, to taking deep breaths and even saying “no” to doing things that don’t work into your schedule. Now think about your goal– how do you use focus when you are working on your goal– and what focusing skills do you use when there are distractions? How has focus helped you to achieve a goal in the past? Great!

If you have time: Talk about how you have used focus to achieve your goals & what happened to your goals when you have lost your focus.