3 Mile Black Belt Run Course Description

This is a photo of the turn-around point for the AMA 3 mile Black Belt Exam Run taken on the day of the Spring 2009 BB Exam. *Juno will not be at the turn-around point on the day of the exam!

Directions: Candidates start on the Burke Gilman Trail across from the school (opposite the bike shop). Run East 1.5 miles on the Burke Gilman (towards Sand Point). You will run under the Princeton Ave. Bridge (Sandpoint Village/City Peoples). The trail will fork and after about 100 yards you will see a bench on the right. On the day of the Black Belt Exam you will see our big yellow “turn here” sign (wood chips may, or may not, be present). Turn around and run back to the school (safely crossing NE Blakeley St.).

*Junior Black Belt Candidates are required to run with a buddy.

*Dress for the weather! You should not wear your uniform. Wear comfortable clothes and running shoes.

*Candidates may run with headphones, but must keep the volume low enough to hear other trail users & traffic. Use your awareness – eyes & ears to stay safe.

*Do not try to set a personal best record with this run. It is the beginning of your exam – not the entire exam 🙂

*Parents are encouraged to wait at the turnaround point (after saying goodbye to their children at the school) to give them one more cheer of encouragement. Paln on being at the turn-around point by 9:45am.

*One or more AMA Staff members will be riding a bike on the trail to keep an eye on the candidates, help insure their safety and deal with any challenges.