Black Belt

Black Belt Gifts

I am often asked around Black Belt Testing what would be an appropriate gift for a new Black Belt. Please note: gifts are not expected or required. If you would like to get a gift here are two recommendations: Adult 26″ Extreme Custom Sword: From…


Sad News: Mr. Tyler

Mr. Tyler Bidle * 2/7/96 – 11/13/11 It is with a sad heart that I am writing to let our AMA friends and family know that Mr. Tyler passed away yesterday afternoon (11/13/11). He earned his AMA Junior Black Belt in June of 2007 and…


3 Mile Black Belt Run Course Description

This is a photo of the turn-around point for the AMA 3 mile Black Belt Exam Run taken on the day of the Spring 2009 BB Exam. *Juno will not be at the turn-around point on the day of the exam! Directions: Candidates start on…