Black Belt Gifts

I am often asked around Black Belt Testing what would be an appropriate gift for a new Black Belt. Please note: gifts are not expected or required. If you would like to get a gift here are two recommendations:

Adult 26″ Extreme Custom Sword:

From the manufacturer’s description: Weighing only 13 1/2 ounces and 41″ long with handle. The unsharpened blade is laser cut, machined from 0.25 Aircraft Aluminum and hand polished to a mirror finish. The scabbard and handle are made of select hardwood and has a black gloss finish. This sword has a right hand blade draw and includes a black silk rope belt tie. Grip is black with blue highlights to reflect our school colors. These are one of the finest hand made competition swords available to competitors today!!

This sword is also available in a smaller size: Junior 19″ Extreme Custom Sword (10 ounces and 29″ long with handle). *However, for Black Belt gifts we recommend the adult size for longevity (unless you will be performing with it right away).

Cost for either size custom sword is $214.99 with your initials sand etched on the sword blade. This is a custom order and must be paid for when placed at the front desk / AMA Pro Shop. Please write down the student’s initials (first, middle & last) at the time of the order.

Ed Parker Jr.’s Signature Premium Uniform:

From the manufacturer’s description: This is a durable, well-constructed uniform with the serious Kenpo practitioner in mind. Modeled after Ed Parker’s original gi design, these uniforms feature thick, stone-washed black, 100% cotton fabric, with double stitched seams, double-layer knee and shins, reinforced critical seams, elastic waist, and the signature back pants pocket and inner flank pocket. This is a heavyweight uniform with superb quality and craftsmanship. This is a uniform worthy of the Parker name.

We are only offering these uniforms to our Black Belts. There is a large silver & black AMA school patch on the back and a small silver & black AMA on the front left chest, the Universal patch will appear on the right sleeve and the American flag patch on the left sleeve. Cost for the uniform is $145.99 + tax with patches. This is a custom order and must be paid for when placed at the front desk / AMA Pro Shop.