Student Resources

Single Nunchaku (Chux) Form

Opening: Begin with Chux in RHAttention, Bow, Lift, Drop 1 End of ChuxLH in front of faceSwing Chux and catch w/ LH (parallel to mat) Section #1:1. Step to R, R Forward Bow & Double Punch2. Bring Chux to R Shoulder (Wrap)3. 2x Down Up…


3 Power Principles

In the Adults Class this month we have been working on a technnique called “Thundering Hammers” and discussing the 3 ways of generating power in Kenpo. I came across the following article from Nackord Kenpo Karate that does a good job of explaining the principles….


Kicking Set Details

We’re currently working on the modern kicking set in BBT and Adults classes. The only difference between modern and traditional is the footwork. We’re going in a straight line instead of a box. Foot Positions Are:Front = Toes Up (to ceiling)Side = Toes to Side…


Kyle’s Kicking Set Mnemonics

One of our STORM Team members, Kyle P., shared a great technique he uses to remember the order of the kicks on each side of Kicking Set. It’s called mneumonics. A mnemonic (pronounced “ne-monik”) is a memory aid, and most serve an educational purpose. Mnemonics…