Monday Miyagi

Monday Miyagi 010410

This week’s Monday Miyagi is c/o of Mark’s Daily Apple. Enjoy! It’s a Journey, Not a Race. The scent of desperate, hopeful sweat is in the air, and everywhere you look, folks sporting brand spanking new exercise gear and a list full of resolutions lie…


Monday Miyagi 122809

This week’s Monday Miyagi is all about goal-setting. I am a BIG believer in setting goals and believe that it is one of the big keys to the achievements I have made in my life. There are many different methods of goal setting — whatever…


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This week’s Monday Miyagi is c/o The Franklin Institute and begins a series of Monday Miyagi’s about the mental benefits of physical exercise. Enjoy!Physical Exercise for a Better BrainMost of us know that physical exercise is good for our general health, but did you know…