Alpha Martial Arts

March Belt Test Requirements (Winter 2007)

Belt Testing will be in class on Monday 3/26 and Tuesday 3/27. Full uniform is required (gi top, gi pants & belt). Dragons:Are testing on Machine form (#1-12), and their basics (Jab, Cross, Backfist, Instep Kick, & Round Kick). Juniors Basic:Are testing on Champion form…


Black Belt Icing

“The day comes, and you earn that Black Belt – then what. Is the journey done? Is that it? I think not – small pleasures will still be taken along the way, more techniques and concepts learned, more jumps on skill and understanding experienced –…


3 Power Principles

In the Adults Class this month we have been working on a technnique called “Thundering Hammers” and discussing the 3 ways of generating power in Kenpo. I came across the following article from Nackord Kenpo Karate that does a good job of explaining the principles….


Kicking Set Details

We’re currently working on the modern kicking set in BBT and Adults classes. The only difference between modern and traditional is the footwork. We’re going in a straight line instead of a box. Foot Positions Are:Front = Toes Up (to ceiling)Side = Toes to Side…