Alpha Martial Arts

Black Belt Thesis: Joe McCarthy

Following is a Black Belt Thesis from one of Mr. Silverman’s students. Mr. Silverman sent it to me saying, “This is one of the finest I’ve ever received – keep in mind that it was written by a high school senior!” A little background may…


What it means to be a Black Belt

I received this message from a fellow school owner and instructor, Mr. Whitaker, this morning: I ask all of my Jr. Black Belt candidates to write a 1 page paper on what it means to be a Black Belt. This child [Zack] is 8 years…


Tournament Observations

One of the parents who was at the USA Nationals commented that the forms competition doesn’t seem to be about athleticism or skill level; it seems to be about smoothly rehearsed and performed movements, even if less dynamic and less powerful. This observation is fairly…