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June POWerful Word – INTEGRITY – Week 2

It isn’t always easy to keep our promises. However, people with integrity try their hardest to keep their promises unless something happens that makes it impossible to do so. They keep their promises to others, commitments to their activities and promises they make to themselves….


May POWerful Word – OPTIMISM – Week 4

We all have a voice inside our heads that tell us how we should think and feel about what we are experiencing. It’s called “self talk.” Let’s repeat that! Sometimes people think mean thoughts about themselves and tell themselves that they aren’t smart enough, tall…


May POWerful Word – OPTIMISM – Week 3

Everyone makes mistakes. It’s a normal part of life! Sometimes, when people make mistakes, they don’t want to admit that they did anything wrong– why do you think that is the case (i.e. concerned about getting into trouble, concerned about reputation)? Sometimes, when people make…