Author: mr.herrman

Monday Miyagi 020810

This week’s Monday Miyagi relates Benjamin Franklin’s 13 Virtues. The majority of the text below comes from the – Enjoy! Benjamin Franklin is an American legend. He single handily invented the idea of the “self-made man.” Despite being born into a poor family and…


Tuesday Teens & Adults – Self Control W1

The Powerful Word of the Month this month is “Self Control.” Self Control is the ability to slow down and think through choices before acting upon them. Essentially, it’s stopping yourself from doing the first thing that pops into your head. These days, we’re so…


Tuesday Teens & Adults – Empathy W4

Week 4: This week we’re talking about showing others that they matter and expressing concern. During a time when much of our communication has been changed by an excess of technology, how has the expression of concern been altered? Has the “human” part of concern…