Author: mr.herrman

March Belt Test Requirements (Winter 2007)

Belt Testing will be in class on Monday 3/26 and Tuesday 3/27. Full uniform is required (gi top, gi pants & belt). Dragons:Are testing on Machine form (#1-12), and their basics (Jab, Cross, Backfist, Instep Kick, & Round Kick). Juniors Basic:Are testing on Champion form…


Black Belt Icing

“The day comes, and you earn that Black Belt – then what. Is the journey done? Is that it? I think not – small pleasures will still be taken along the way, more techniques and concepts learned, more jumps on skill and understanding experienced –…


3 Power Principles

In the Adults Class this month we have been working on a technnique called “Thundering Hammers” and discussing the 3 ways of generating power in Kenpo. I came across the following article from Nackord Kenpo Karate that does a good job of explaining the principles….