Author: mr.herrman

5-Week Fitness Challenge @ Home Workout #2A

Congratulations! You are 1 week into the 5-Week Fitness Challenge. The workouts are designed to be challenging, but if they are too challenging, or you are too intimidated to even attempt them, scale the workout. In the workout below you could scale the rounds and…


November ProMac – Sifu Octavio JKD Training

A big thank you to Kyoshi Kovar for bringing Sifu Octavio to the November ProMac for a great training session in Jeet Kune Do on Friday night. Sifu Octavio is one of Jerry Poteet’s top students. He shared pad drills, trapping drills and JKD sparring…


5-Week Fitness Challenge @ Home Workout #1C

Complete this workout on Friday, Saturday or Sunday. This workout is not timed. The goal is good quality movement and full range of motion. Enjoy! 10 Rounds of: 10 Broad Jumps 10 Squats *Broad Jumps = Begin with feet shoulder width apart and jump for…