Author: mr.herrman

Mr. Hancock & Mr. Tong

I had the pleasure of meeting and training with Mr. Skip Hancock on Saturday, February 11th. Mr. Hancock is one of the “Kenpo Seniors” and worked closely with Mr. Parker to help organize the American Kenpo system. He covered three different topics during his seminar:…


Sensei Roland Osborne

I had the pleasure of spending Friday afternoon & evening in instructor training with Sensei Roland Osborne, star of the Discovery Channel series “Go Warrior!”. Mr. Osborne is a dynamic instructor and I am always inspired after working with him. On this visit to Washington…


Amputee Coalition of America

On Saturday October 8th, The AMA Demo Team was invited to perform at the Meadowbrook Community Center for an event organized by the Amputee Coalition of America ( The event was provided as an educational, experiental and networking opportunity for children from the pacific northwest…