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Tuesday Teens & Adults – Empathy W2

Week 2: This week we’re talking about predicting and communicating feelings. In the heat of an argument, it’s difficult to be empathetic. It’s also challenging to refrain from blame. Someone once said; Love is saying “I feel differently,” instead of “You’re wrong.” As leaders, parents,…


Monday Miyagi 011110

In honor of my next trip to ProMac at the end of this week I am sharing a recent post from Mr. Kovar for our Monday Miyagi. Enjoy! You Can Judge a Person’s Character by the Way They Treat the People Least Important to Them…


Tuesday Teens & Adults – Empathy W1

The Powerful Word of the Month this month is “empathy.” Empathy is the ability to take a walk in someone else’s shoes in order to read, understand, “feel” and respond to other people’s feelings. It may seem counter-intuitive to set goals that incorporate the feelings…